5 Benefits of Unplugged Toys

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There are many benefits to using unplugged, non-electronic toys. If you’ve followed our blog, you know about our past challenges with sleep. One of the key approaches we use today to achieve good sleep is to limit time on electronic devices. Among our strategies, we intentionally make time for unplugged, creative play.

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Truth be told, limited iPad time is not always popular with our autistic kiddo. Nonetheless, we find it necessary. At the end of the day, this strategy consistently results in better sleep and behavior.

Reducing stimulation is especially important around the holidays when there are so many factors that can lead to overstimulation. Besides sleep and reducing stimulation, there are several other benefits from having some unplugged time.

5 Benefits of using non-electronic toys

1. Imagination

Electronic toys do all the work in the imagination department. Unplugged toys encourage imaginative play. Building a castle with blocks, playing with dolls or flying a wooden airplane all work the imagination muscle. Toys like blocks or other open-ended play toys are especially great because they can be used in different ways with kids of different ages and developmental levels.

2 . interaction

Electronic toys are geared toward solo-play. Board games, for example, require social interaction, and help reinforce the important of social skills like being a good winner, a gracious loser and taking turns.

3. physical movement

Lets face it, kids rarely move out of one spot when they are on a tablet or laptop. Many non-electronic toys encourage getting up and moving around.

4. multi-modal learning

Non-electronic toys allow for hands-on learning in addition to hearing and seeing the learning material. This strategy helps ensure students understand and retain information. In fact, Boredteachers.com says, “Multimodal learning is an effective way for teachers to design a more inclusive learning experience and unlock all students’ potential.”

5. longer lasting

No need to charge it up, or replace batteries! Just pull out a favorite non-electronic toy whenever it strikes your fancy.

Our favorite unplugged toys

Three of our favorite unplugged toys come from our friends over at Imaginations Unbound who have been kind enough to extend a special offer for our followers just in time for the holiday season!

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1. Imagination Blocks

Whether looking to start using woodblocks for the first time or to add to your collection these are great!

Imagination Blocks from Imaginations Unbound

The blocks are made from solid mahogany and only come in rectangle and cube shapes, stretching the imagination and decreasing fighting for the one special piece when children work together.  Imagination Blocks come in the following sizes 2” cubes, 4”x2”x1” rectangle, 8”x2”x1” planks, and 12”x2”x1”.    Imagination Blocks can be purchased HERE

2. HABA’s My First Animals Game

Are you ready to introduce your young children to board games?  HABA’s My First Animals Game is the perfect game for practicing stacking and having fun at the same time.  HABA, my first games are made to be simple enough for a 2-year-old but fun for all ages.

HABA Animal Upon Animal Game courtesy of Imaginations Unbound

In My First Animal Game, there is hullabaloo running rampant on the farm!  Who can stack the hen on the sheep?  Is there space left for the cow?  Oops, what about the dog? We do not want to forget him.  Join in on this fast-paced and fun game for toddlers and preschoolers. Get Animal Upon Animal HERE

3.  Play Silks

Are you looking for a simple open-ended toy?  Play silks are a favorite for many families!

Play Silks from Imaginations Unbound

Lightweight, soft, and semi-transparent, Play Silks give several sensory experiences at once! Children can use them to dress up, build a fort, dance with, and many other things.  Even babies love to play silks.  They are fun for peek-a-boo and use as a comfort item.  Get Play Silks HERE

incorporate creative play into the day

There are many benefits to stepping away from the screen in favor of some imaginative play. If you’re looking to incorporate some unplugged creative play into your day, look no further than our three favorite toys from Imaginations Unbound, where the motto is Creativity Unleashed! Use code TUMBLE15 for 15% off your order!

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