8 Must-Have Accessories to Foster Independence

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zipper pull accessories to foster independence

Accessories for accessibility can help foster independence.   Let’s face it, as our kids get older, their needs don’t necessarily become less.

It’s not as if this is a new revelation for me.  In fact, it’s just one of many things floating around in the back of my mind, like a computer application that works in the background. 

As I completed yet another evaluation about my teen daughter’s life skills, that floating thought hit me in-your-face hard.  There are some things that she may always need help with.  I’m learning to recognize where I can push her to be more independent.  (Working hard against my Mama instincts that tell me to do the things for her). Accessories do help.

Truth is, worry levels and workloads don’t dissipate as our kids become teens or as teens become adults.  Sure, some things get easier, but many don’t. 

I am always looking for helpers, or life hacks, if you will …things that help our daughter learn to be a little more independent, as well as making everyday tasks a bit more accessible. 

Many of these accessories would make great stocking stuffers, too!

Here are 8 Accessories that Help Foster Independence

1. Card Holder

We play lots of games – but Uno is a favorite!  Card holders help those with fine motor challenges stay in the game. I’ve seen these available at both Wal Mart and Amazon.

2. Button Hook

Minimize the challenge and frustration of buttoning clothes by grasping button with wire loop instead of fingers to pull button through button-hole.

3. Mask Lanyards

This is THE hot item of the season!  Don’t lose your mask!  TIL has handmade lanyards that were designed for additional needs in mind, with wide pinch clips and a safety breakaway. Use code TILBLOG25 for 25% of + free shipping at Tumble into Love

4. Milk Carton Handle

Ideal for those looking for a more traditional handle that makes handling 1/2 gallon milk and juice cartons easy. Carton Caddy is a popular brand.

5. No Tie Shoe Laces

The first time I posted about these, I was barraged with negative comments that said I was a lazy parent – not showing my kiddo how to tie shoes.  The reality was that I had (and so had countless OTs) – and at the end of the day, it became such a source of frustration that it wasn’t worth it.  We began using these to make sneakers into slip-on shoes, and we’ve never looked back. Use code TILBLOG25 for 25% of + free shipping at Tumble into Love

6. Programmable phone with pictures

Use the photo buttons to directly dial family members or 9-1-1. There are many different versions of this phone on Amazon.

7. Soap Sacks

Know someone who crochets?  Ask them to make one of these!  It’s a washcloth and soap holder in one – no more dropping the slippery soap. Wal Mart sells a mesh version as well.

8. Zipper Pulls

Ideal for purses, backpacks, coats and more – these allow my kiddo with fine motor challenges use her zipper much more easily. Tumble into Love offers handmade zipper pulls in a variety of colors. Use code TILBLOG25 for 25% of + free shipping at Tumble into Love

Everyday tasks can be more difficult for kids with various special needs. There are many different accessories that make life a bit more accessible, and allow for more independence with everyday tasks.

We tried no tie shoe laces
School Supply List includes Mask Lanyards

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  1. I can’t believe someone gave you a hard time about the shoelaces. That is someone who is not facing the same challenges. D has major trouble with shoelaces as well. He is wearing these shoes now from Billy: https://billyfootwear.com/. Just slide his foot in and zipper up! They’re great.

  2. That soap sack is a great idea!! I’m gonna have to see if I can find my crochet hooks and some yarn. I was just complaining about the soap again during last nights bath. I miss the days when Ben liked bubbles. For a light clean, I could just let him play in a bubble bath. Maybe with a soap sack he can start washing HIMSELF! Oh, that would be fantastic!
    Thank you!🥰

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