Best Gluten & Dairy Free items at Aldi’s

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Going gluten and dairy free doesn’t have to break the bank — here are our favorites from Aldi’s! Prepackaged gluten and dairy free foods cost (on average) $1 to $2 less at Aldi’s than other grocery stores. Moreover, many of the Live G Free brand foods are also labeled nut, soy and egg free too.

Aldi's Storefront
Aldi’s Storefront

When we began a gluten and dairy free lifestyle, weekly trips to the health food store became the norm, sometimes spending upwards of $250. Over time gluten and dairy free food became more mainstream; today I can find items at nearly every local grocery store. What I love about Aldi’s brands is both the quality and lower prices – with many items averaging $2 less than other stores.

I love that Aldi’s items have clearly labeled allergen information, making it easy to find those that don’t have gluten or dairy.

Here are my family’s favorite gluten and dairy free Aldi’s items:

Chicken Nuggets

Aldi's Chicken Nuggets Gluten and Dairy Free
Aldi’s GF Chicken Nuggets

Although I often make my own, these are fabulous to have on hand for those nights when we have evening or afterschool activities and limited time. I also love that they use Canola oil rather than a higher omega-6 oil like vegetable, sunflower or safflower.

Some say that vegetable oils should not be part of your diet because they are high in Omega-6 fats. Omega-6 fats fuel your body’s inflammatory pathways, and can undo any benefit eating omega-3’s would normally give you. For that reason, we choose to avoid them.


We like both the cinnamon raisin and the plain. We use the plain bagels to make individual mini pizzas that cook quickly in the toaster oven. The cinnamon raisin make a good French toast bake.

Cocoa Loco baRs

Cocoa Loco Bars Gluten and Dairy Free
Aldi’s Cocoa Loco Bars

Individually packed, these are great for school lunches! Additionally, they are our go-to when we have a birthday party or gathering where we might need a substitute sweet treat.

sweet chili brown rice chips

Honestly, my kiddos don’t like these, but I love them. Too much. Like, open-a-bag-and-watch-them-disappear love them. The sweet, salty, mildly spicy combo on these are fantastic!

almond milk

Aldi's Almond Milk Dairy Free
Aldi’s Almond Milk

Friendly Farms brand comes in plain and vanilla. We use this on cereal and as a substitute in baking recipes.

For cooking, I like the original, unsweetened version of this almond milk. Conversely, for some baking recipes and on our cereal we use the vanilla version.

Pancake/Biscuit Mix

Rival to the pricier Bisquick brand, I’ve used this mix to make everything from pancakes to pizza crust.

apple almond honey granola

This granola makes a great topper for dairy-free yogurt, giving it a nice crunch. Put it in a bowl with almond milk, and it becomes cereal. Or, just eat it as is!

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