Chicago Treasure: Children’s Book Review

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Chicago Treasure Book Review

I received a complimentary copy of Chicago Treasure by L. Broutman, R. Green and J.Rabias in exchange for my honest review. I am not an affiliate, or compensated for sales generated from this review.

Children's book Chicago Treasure

This mom is always looking for a good book

When a representative from Everything Goes Media contacted me, I was genuinely excited!  Admittedly, I do love a good children’s book. And, given my daughter’s struggle with reading, I’m always looking for new and engaging reading material.

Even at 8 and 13, I read to my kids most nights. They still enjoy the time we spend together losing ourselves in a good story. 

Imaginative and fun

The book itself has a hard cover and is incredibly colorful, with 168 pages.  Flipping through, I immediately notice smiling kiddos doing fantastical things like walking a porcupine or riding zebras. In similar fashion, it creates a whimsical feel about Chicago’s treasures like Wrigley Field and the Chicago Theater. Although we are not from Chicago, the book held our interest with the beautiful pictures, anticipating what we’d see next!

Not to mention the re-imagined fairytales, which are the best part of the book, hands down.  Familiar with a twist of silly, my kids and I laughed as we read through the pages.

Diversity AND Inclusion

Diversity takes center stage in this book.  Although Chicago Treasure features kids with special needs, it does so without focusing on their needs.  (In fact, Proceeds from the book go to the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Access Living.)

For this reason, that’s what makes Chicago Treasure such a delight; It doesn’t explain, belabor or sensationalize disability.  It simply highlights children doing what they do best – imagine and dream. 

The author intends for this book to highlight children as Chicago’s treasure, and it accomplishes that goal. More importantly, it portrays kids with disabilities just like everyone else.  In this book, e v e r y o n e can imagine themselves playing the part of Cinderella, Prince Charming or Little Red Riding Hood.

Chicago Treasure:  Prince Charming and Cinderella

Exclusive deal!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a unique, inclusive, feel-good children’s book, look no further than Chicago Treasure. Get your copy today!

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