10 Things I Love about Autism

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Let’s talk about what I LOVE about autism. True confession: I am a blog junkie! I could read about special needs family experiences all day long because it makes me feel like I’ve found my tribe.

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Many times I read about (and often share) the challenges that are associated with my daughter’s autism. I write about waking at 2 am for the day and how a chronic lack of sleep affected our family. Or ways I think the education system has failed us. And, how I have to mindfully dedicate (limited) time for self-care.

Sharing is important because Dr. Spock didn’t write books on how to raise our kids. Connecting with parents who live a similar lifestyle helps us learn how to be the best parents we can be. We learn from each other.

Raising children is hard. And, to be fair, having a child with autism brings unique challenges. Constant worry about meeting future needs can create stress levels that researchers associate with soldiers in combat.

At the end of the day, however, autism makes my daughter who she is. I can’t imagine her any other way. So, during the meltdown, let the super moms give side-eye. If I took a page from my tell-it-like-it-is kiddo, I might just tell you that those judgy-pants make your butt look big. But I digress.

10 things I love about autism

  1. Humor. My kiddo doesn’t always understand it, but she sure does think chicken with hats are hilarious. (I have to agree).
  2. Honesty. It’s as though she is incapable of lying. Sometimes to a fault.
  3. Righteousness. She’s got this internal moral compass and a knack for doing what’s right, like a modern-day super hero.
  4. Genuineness. No putting on airs, she reacts to each moment. Most noteworthy was at the spa getting a pedi while she erupts into belly-shaking laughter because it tickles.
  5. Opportunity to be a kid. Sometimes being behind the curve developmentally presents challenges, but I love that she gets to be a kid a little bit longer.
  6. Love of comfort. Things that are soft, seamless, tagless and a pure hatred of bras. She would live in her PJs if she could.
  7. No attachment to things. Sure, there are toys she loves and she’s got a favorite one or two, but when she’s outgrown something, she has no trouble giving it up.
  8. Mainstream be damned. No cares whether it’s trendy. Bright colors like red pants with a tye-dyed shirt is worn without apology just because she likes ’em.
  9. Expressing emotion. Not always understanding how to express it with words, she always find a way to show how she’s feeling.
  10. Abstract thinking. Puzzles or problems get solved in the most unique ways.

For all of the challenges that autism can bring, there’s a beautifully simple uniqueness that makes me smile every single day.

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  1. Great list – I was nodding my head while reading it and smiling. Mine is as righteous as they come – and is quick to point out to his peers when they aren’t listening. And yes, he’s a kid. His favorite toy is for ages 2-4 and he’s and 8 year old. Doesn’t phase him in the least. And I agree – I can read blogs all day as I truly appreciate the connection!

  2. Thank you Robyn for your thoughtful comments! I appreciate all I’ve learned from other bloggers willing to share — and I know my experiences aren’t unique (even when our kiddos are) – and we are not alone.

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