Easy, Allergy-free Halloween Snacks

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Today schools are more focused on nutrition, and due to this it can be hard to provide easy, allergy-free Halloween snacks.

Before the start of this school year, we received a letter from the school that asked us to refrain from sending anything with nuts, gluten, dairy or kiwi due to her classmates various allergies.

halloween oranges

Having a child on a gluten-dairy free diet, I’m sensitive to others’ dietary needs, but trying to accommodate a snack for 20+ kids at a school party can be challenging.  (For a long time I was the mom who would raise her hand to supply napkins or paper plates.)

Last Halloween, I got to the sign-up sheet too late and was asked to bring in a snack.  Luckily, I found these ideas — pumpkin oranges!  We used the Cutie oranges which are perfect for kid-sized hands.  Using a paring knife, I cut the rind in the shape of a jack-o’lantern.

I finished them with Halloween-themed bags from the dollar store.

halloween oranges_packaged

Another easy idea is to use pre-packaged mandarin orange or diced peaches cups and simply use a Sharpie marker to draw a pumpkin design.

Orange-pumpkin-cups (2)

Both are easy, allergy-free snacks that kids will love!

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