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No tie shoelaces was a solution to my daughter’s inability to tie shoes because of her fine motor deficits. No matter how much we’ve worked on shoe tying, she has never been able to master it.

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Now that she’s a middle-schooler, it’s much harder to find “cool” sneakers that have a no tie shoelace solution, like velcro.  Last year, she chose a pair of red  sneakers similar to those in the picture – she *had* to have them.

Although I’d tie them each day before school, they’d often come untied; I worried for her safety and hoped that someone at school would help her if she needed it.

Searching for a solution, we found silicone no-tie shoelaces.  I was skeptical at first, but decided to give them a try.  We ordered two colors, white and rainbow, which included a variety of colors.

Rainbow was the color winner, and it was fun watching her pick order of the colors.

No tie shoelaces rainbow

We loved the ease of use – simply thread the silicone laces through the sneaker eyelet holes and thread the button into the hole to secure it.

The bands are made of silicone and stretch; they securely lock together.  They look adorable, and best of all, Nats could be completely independent with taking her sneakers on and off.  Once she slid them on, they stayed on securely (even while running in gym class).

This is the second school year in a row using them – it gives us the flexibility to purchase any type of sneaker, and the colors are fun.

Summary:  We tried no-tie shoelaces, and found that they work great!

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