Have the T-Shirt? Been There, Tried it: the Series for Special Needs Parents

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Disclaimer:  Been There, Tried it is based upon personal experiences of those who have tried a particular intervention.  It is NOT medical advice, nor a substitute for medical advice.  It is neither an endorsement or opposition to any intervention.  This is an opinion piece. 

Some people get ruffled feathers when the phrase cure is used when it comes to special needs like Autism.  Different, not less – I get it- believe me, I do.  Perhaps a better word would be solutions — workable solutions to alleviate some of the distress that Natalie feels at times when there’s sensory overload, or for what she struggles with daily.  The meltdowns.  The inability to sleep. Lord, the inability to sleep – as a baby (and through double-digits) she never slept.  We never slept. I’m not talking about your garden variety sleep-starved-new-parent kind of sleeplessness – I’m talking about all out war against sanity.  Endless nights where she’d cry herself to sleep around midnight, after 4 hours of screaming – just to wake again at 2 am for the day.  The screaming left me with a desperation that I can’t even begin to explain in words.

Desperation will make you search for something- anything- to help. I’ve done my share of online research.  I’ve seen the good, the bad and the quackery.  I’ve also read some things that make me think, “Well, it can’t hurt…”

As a family, we’ve taken the approach that we will try things that are non-invasive, and are easily stopped if they don’t work. Interventions we’ve shared with our Pediatrician.  Interventions that complement traditional therapies – OT, PT and Speech.  Interventions that support Natalie living her best life – not to change or ‘fix’ her.

This brings me to one of the most frequently asked questions, which is “Have you tried….”   This series will explore all of the products and interventions we’ve tried – some of which are pushed to the fringe since they don’t fit our traditional western medical model.   Some we’ve kept on with, others not so much.

Have an intervention you’ve tried?  Be our Guest!

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