Candy-less Easters

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Yes, it’s OK to have a candy-less Easter and celebrate on your terms.

Our Experience with Candy-less Easters

Oh the horror!  We started a gluten, dairy free diet with our daughter several years ago.  Back then, it was not as mainstream as it is today.  I recall the sadness I felt when Easter was upon us when we made the decision to fill her basket with organic, dye-free, gluten free gummies, homemade rice crispy treats, small playthings (and other non food items).

candy less Easters

“It’s ONE day!  It’s bad enough she can’t eat ANYTHING, and now you won’t let her enjoy Candy on EASTER?”

Expressed sentiments and internal thoughts like this had me second and triple guessing my decision.  I remember sleepless nights wondering if I was doing the right thing, whether I was ruining her childhood.  Would ONE day off-diet really matter? (Side note:  It did for us.  We tried it.  Hyped up on sugar followed by an hours-long stomach ache was NOT worth it.)

I’ve come to learn that doing what is best for our family won’t make everyone happy. There will be people who don’t understand, or agree. Those people are not up half the night comforting a sick child with a stomach ache that could have been avoided.

Your kids won’t miss candy

Fast-forward to today, and we continue the tradition of nearly candy-less Easters.  You know what?  My kids don’t care.  They love spending time with family, looking for baskets, (plastic) eggs, and finding the treasures inside.  Sometimes that includes toys, stuffed animals, money, and today, it even includes small amounts of  chocolate (Enjoy Life has some great gluten and dairy free choices), organic jelly beans and some other treats which are now better tolerated.  

Trust your instincts

So, take a deep breath.  Let go of tradition. It’s going to be OK.  People will judge. Let the comments roll off of your back (hard as it may be) and trust in yourself.  Whatever is right for your family,  for your kiddo – it’s OK.

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