Tumble into Love blog: Where do I start? At the Beginning.

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Thank you for joining me! Tumble into Love is a blog written by a mom who is living the special needs family life.

Tumble into Love blog
Tumble into Love blog

The blog. Oh, where do I start? I suppose the beginning, right? To be honest, I have thought about writing a blog for years, jotting down notes here-and-there along the way. With my oldest daughter nearing her teens, there are so many things I’d wished I’d known years ago. That being said, I hope that my experiences will help other parents with special needs families to live their very best lives.

Our Story

We became a spectrum family when our oldest daughter was just 18 months old.  She wasn’t talking and her behavior wasn’t typical, although our pediatrician repeatedly told me she’d “grow out of it.”  Several years later, and I’d say we’ve grown into it, as we learn to navigate her world on the autism spectrum.

What You’ll Find Here

My blog posts will be a reflection of the roller coaster ride we are on. They will detail approaches and our parent-tested strategies. Share our favorite gluten and dairy free recipes. Give honest reviews of products we’ve tested. Show modifications that we’ve made to make our lives easier. Posts will share our moments of success, along side of our epic failures.  Some will bring hope, and others will express heartbreak and frustration – but all will reflect our special needs lifestyle.

I hope to connect with parents who similarly are living this life, and most important, send the message that you are not alone.

Welcome to our special needs life, I’m glad you’re here. Stay for awhile and Tumble into Love.

“It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of the village.” – Coach Elaine Hall

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