Welcome to Tumble into Love!

Tumble into Love is a lifestyle blog for special needs parents.  It’s a place to connect and share how we adapt to live our very best lives.  It’s a place for information, encouragement and inspiration. Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair.

Special needs parenting has required me to think differently, and let go of social ideals about how to raise children:

We make modifications.  Try new strategies.  Plan.  And back-up plan. Don’t sleep.  Advocate.  Raise awareness.  Encourage Inclusion.  Are fierce.  And fragile.  Are far from perfect. Share many of the same struggles. Pick our battles.  Did I mention we plan?

It made me think about how we are better together.  Some of the best information and advice I’ve gotten over the years has not come from the myriad of professionals, but from fellow parents. With that, I started Tumble into Love – a place where we can share ideas, lend support and share ways we adapt – because special needs parenting is anything but typical, and neither are our lives.

Here, you’ll find lifestyle tips and musings, parent-tested strategies, assistive products, gluten & dairy free recipes, holistic supports, and advice that supports a special needs lifestyle.

Special needs parenting is not what I envisioned; the road is extra bumpy with lots of twists, turns and an occasional swerve. Sometimes my parenting is messy and full of missteps. Through it all, it’s the shine of light while I’m fumbling in the dark that’s made me tumble into love with it all.

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